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For Investment Consultants

Speed up your report delivery to clients. Use AI to turn days of analysis into minutes of productivity.

Reduce the bottleneck of report creation and deliver a higher value product with less resources.

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Work smarter & faster with AI infused workflows

An army of AI analysts at your disposal. Tap into deep thinking for your business intelligence & due diligence. 


Let advanced AI analytics work for you

We prepare key insights in less than 10 minutes. With a unique model developed for institutional investors.


Compare funds in peer groups with AI automation

Compare across categories 

according to your specific preferences.


Search for Red Flags systematically

We scan your fund documentation and search online sources for investment managers and funds.


Employ smart data rooms & checklists

Keep track of data room progress and easily see what is missing.


Benefit from customized model

There is no one size fits all; we adjust our AI model for every client to fit your specific needs.


Enjoy data security

All of your data is encrypted and secured. We host our platform on EU servers and comply with strict security protocols.

And much more.

Meet the team

We bring together investment & tech expertise.

Our objective is to help investors employ cutting edge technology to relieve unstructured data pain points.

Find out how AI can drive value in your business.

We offer a free introduction call to investment consultants, who would like to learn more about AI due diligence. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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