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For Investment Managers

Answer clients questions quicker and speed up due diligence & report writing.

We know you are busy. Everyone in our team has worked for an investment manager and understands the nature of GP - LP relations, including involved dynamics.


We want to support you in crucial moments of LP due diligence. We provide a smart data room for your clients with your key documents pre-loaded.


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Use AI to improve your workflow

An army of AI analysts at your disposal. Analyse incoming assets faster and speed up the flow of information between you and your clients. 


Let advanced AI analytics work for you

We prepare key insights in less than 10 minutes. Distil pages of information into summary analyses.


Experiment with Scenarios & AI Simulations

We help you prepare due diligence on an asset level, and run AI simulations to understand potential impact and risks in investment proposals.


Provide a smart data room for your LPs

LP due diligence on your fund is crucial for achieving your capital raising goals. With our data room, you have better control in a structured process.


Compare assets in peer group analysis

Compare attributes across different assets according to your specific preferences.


Employ smart data rooms & checklists

Keep track of data room progress and easily see what is missing.


Enjoy data security

All of your data is encrypted and secured. We host our platform on EU servers and comply with strict security protocols including GDPR.

And much more.

Meet the team

We bring together investment & tech expertise our objective is to empower investment managers to employ cutting edge technology to relieve unstructured data pain points.

Find out how AI can drive value in your business.

We offer a complimentary exploration call to investment managers interested in learning more about AI-driven due diligence.


We're excited to connect with you!

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